I’ll take this back later, I’m fairly sure, but where else can you entertain private thoughts if not out here in a public blog?

Today I’m calling for actual partition of the United States into two different countries. Or three. But more than one, for sure. Peaceful, orderly, and permanent, with permanent meaning not permanent if circumstances change, which they will, along with my opinion.

But it’s becoming clear that the 2012 election didn’t settle anything, same as all recent elections, the government is still deadlocked, and the Republican intransigence seethes unabated. So ask yourself, which makes more sense, trying to find compromises where it is clear non is possible, or letting the teeth grinders have their very own country to where absolutely nobody will wander onto their lawn? Democracy! As it was supposed to function! Democracy is intended to give people what they want, but currently NOBODY is getting what they want. The Venn circles do not overlap. This is System Fail. Now, let’s look a t System Fix: Partition.

Yes there in fact is a Red America and a Blue America. We could use those as their names. One can have the peace of mind of an arsenal in every home, and the other can have the peace of mind of the Commissioner for Tucking In send an overpaid federal worker to each home every night with a glass of warm milk and a bedtime story for everyone who filled out the 30-page form. Okay, maybe I’m starting to change my mind already.