Did you see the brief part of the VMA show when Pat Robertson crawled up on stage flashing a wink and a leer with his tongue curled out to one side and proceeded to grind on Miley Cyrus except he couldn’t keep up with her and ended up performing by himself? You may as well have. His recent answer to a question was every bit as preposterous.


He can assert in public that San Francisco gays deliberately spread the AIDS virus with special sharp rings when they shake hands, and we wonder whether MILEY has gone too far.

While the nation wheels it’s famously unserious head in the direction of Ms. Cyrus’s calculated (successfully calculated) attempt at notoriety, as we tsk tsk all the way to the magazine rack to pick up the next issue of People magazine where we can shake that head at shaking booty one more time, the true derangement of our political discourse goes largely unremarked. Dana Milbank yesterday wrote about how a large fraction of LOUISIANA Republicans blame Obama for the poor response to Katrina, when they have to KNOW he wasn’t president at the time, and this is just one more example of how we simply don’t take anything seriously, ever, anymore. Hey, but we all recently learned a new word, twerking! Yes we is learning. We is twerking our brains.

Now it’s Yosemite threatened by yet another record wildfire, and still we don’t talk about climate or alternative energy. The only alternative fuel we are interested in is running our democracy on is garbage.