The last few days I’ve been writing about the horible job the rich are doing running the country now that they own it, and the spectacular job they are doing of avoiding blame for it, now there’s this.

ANOTHER Supreme Court opportunity to give more political power to the rich! Let’s just take a moment to savor the first paragraph. “The very wealthy could play a much greater role in funding federal candidates and political parties if the Supreme Court rules that a key campaign finance restriction adopted after Watergate is unconstitutional.”

There have been roughly two developments of fundamental significance in American society in the last several decades. First is the Reagan-initiated drive to get tax rates on the rich down to where their wealth could mushroom to unprecedented size. This not only resulted in a new class, but distorted every other economic and social motivator in the US. The country DOES NOT SEE ITSELF as a “Middle-class nation” any longer. Just doesn’t. Feel better now?

The second thing that’s been going on, not entirely under the radar but mostly, is the Supreme Court in decision after decision, building the mechanisms for the rich to get their hands on all the levers of power. This is Part II of the reality show Plutocrat Nation, and how will this will work out for our cherished democracy, do you think?

Chief Justice John Roberts hasn’t been alone in responsibility for this, but he is surely the face of it now. He apparently thinks of himself as just the “umpire.” But he’s the classic blind one, blind to every consideration other than his apparently bone-deep conviction that it’s corporations and the rich who are the victims. It is THEY who have gotten the raw deal, THEY who are the suffering, the persecuted, the put-upon, the forlorn. And by jiminy, he’s going to give the keys of the kingdom to them.