Let’s discuss religion in politics! THAT should settle the hornets right down. Can we determine if either Romney or Obama are “Christian”? Let’s “take them at their word.” Moving along from there, two religion/politics issues stare up at us from our plate, like the eyeballs of a live squid. Why squid? Squid have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom! Sometimes growing to the size of soccer balls! Maybe I should have made this into a cartoon. But anyway.

Eye Number One. As Romney said on Saturday: “From the beginning, this nation has trusted in God, not man.” Really? I guess he hasn’t spent a lot of time studying the founding documents very attentively. While you can find mention of God if you train a squid eye on them, if ever there was a collection of thought and law that trusted in man to rule his own destiny, and empowered him to do so, you’ll find it right here in the history and text of the American Constitution, which ironically enough has been elevated to near-sacred-text status by conservatives.

Eye Number Two: Even if you want to bring the WWJD into it, where does that take you? “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” And what would that mean, again? Stay out of politics. Paying taxes is not a sin. Jesus was more interested with what you did in your personal life. I don’t remember that he EVER held kids down and cut off their hair.