A week or so I predicted that the ramrod-stiff corporate opposition to Everything Obama would spend some quality post-election time examining their navels, I mean their balance sheets, and start lobbying to make sure that the government stops gridlocking itself, because Obama’s not going away soon and game-playing time is over.

And what do you know? But now that I have attached my arm-extender and patted myself on the back for predicting an obvious though unexpected move in the direction of corporate self-interest, let me turn this around and complain some. While the key sentence in this document is “Compromise will require Congress to agree on more revenue – whether by increasing rates, eliminating deductions, or some combination thereof – and the administration to agree to larger, meaningful structural and benefit entitlement reforms and spending reductions that are a fiscally responsible multiple of increased revenues” (the sentence that warns Congress that they are going to have to yield on taxes), the letter is inexplicably addressed to the president, not to Congress itself. Or more logically still, to the individual Congresspeople who are likely to torpedo a deal.

Still it’s a start in the direction of a functioning democracy, which we’ll see if we remember what that is if it ever returns. But at least the era of pretending that Obama was some sort of flukey mishap who could be waited out and hamstrung into irrelevance is over, and we can get on with history again.