Wow. The waggly fingers are out in force wagging most ferociously at Europe these days. Hey Europe! You stupid nuts! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?? You can’t put in economic integration without an integrated political system to back it up! Hoo boy! Dumb.

Anyone can see it, now. And anyone could see it then. You let you your hopes get in the way of your head. SURE there would be benefits, short-term. Nice idea, but what do you do when imbalances start piling up, and pile up they will! When populations are trapped inside those stubborn old borders? THEN WHAT?? There’s no overarching political system in place to deal with it. You’re left with the volatile vagaries of local politics, and don’t count on those to act rationally when the crunch comes. As it surely would. You cooked your own goose. Foolish foolish Europeans. Putting economic integration so far ahead of political integration!

Has anyone in this clucking choir of common sense bothered to ask, what about globalization?