Some of the stuff going on is just unstoppable, so eventually we are going to have to adapt. Based on current trends, here is the five point plan that I’d suggest is better than the alternatives.

1) There’s less work for humans to do, so let’s finally adopt that four-day 30 hour workweek, and then a three-day 20-hour one.

2) Figure out a way to share the benefit created by the robots which are doing or will be doing what you do now or used to do..

3) Have fewer kids because they’re too expensive now and there will never again be a demand for a huge workforce.

4) Anybody want to think about preventing total corporate takeover of the Internet? If not, get your free stuff from it now before they figure out how to make you pay for everything, which you know they eventually will.

5)  Fix the environment before it fixes us.

There, that’s my plan. I haven’t seen a better one. Or even a different one.