I think we’re past the stage in religion where we think of this world as nothing more than some kind of really peculiar entrance exam to get into heaven. Consider for a moment, is this the test that you would design for such a purpose? And if so, then explain why not everybody gets the same test. Yes, it doesn’t take long in talking about religion to go down one rabbit hole or another, and it took me all of one very short paragraph. So I’ll move along.

I’ve always wondered why you hear about secular humanism but rarely (ever?) about religious humanism. Maybe you talk about it your place of worship. Do you? I hesitate to write about religion. I feel if I do I’ll need to type fast, because no sooner does the word religion appear than along comes a busload of clerics to attach a strange history and a lot of in-group out-group identifiers. But in any case, in idle moments I can at least imagine a religious humanism that acknowledges and recommends orienting one’s life to recognizing the divine in fellow humans, and even the planet we sprang from, and trying to live accordingly. Seems like it might be a good thing, right about now. Could even be that elusive middle ground everybody always says we need. Maybe if this is a test, that’s the correct answer!

But enough of that. We now return to our regularly scheduled mayhem.