Okay, calm heads are telling us not to overreact to Japan and dismiss nuclear power out of hand, the fact that things have in fact gotten out of hand notwithstanding. What is called for is level-headed risk assessment. Okay, I’m all for that.

And who should we turn to for all this level-headedness? It’s a lot to ask the average voter to do the often complicated math of risk-assessment, especially in the face of repeated psychological studies showing that people’s intuitive evaluation of risk is pretty useless in the face of novel or complicated calculations. So then, let the cooler, wiser heads of the corporate elite step up to the plate!

Yes, those very elites that have been carefully building, year by year, a global economy based on ever-increasing use and waste of energy. Were there RISKS embedded in this strategy? Gosh golly! Don’t ask the elites about that! They were kind of busy counting the PROFITS embedded in that strategy. Conservation was consistently sidetracked, ridiculed, marginalized and disincentivized. This strategy has now painted us into a corner where all the choices are bad. And now it’s time to let those who got us into this...get us into it just a little bit further!