I don’t envy him, but neither do I feel sorry for him. The stress of the campaign is staring to show on Mitt. Have you noticed? Those strange frantic smiles? That semi-hysterical mechanical laugh? That weird lurchy, twitchy body language?

It’s gotta be tough, that business of pretending ALL THE TIME. Of trying to pass yourself off as something different than what you really are for such a long time that you can no longer REMEMBER who you really are, or were. Of trying somehow to win the approval of an insane red-meat-only party electorate in a way that you can still run as a sane nominee in November. But this is where I always lose sympathy. Why are you IN THAT PARTY at this time? Explain that. Well I guess he’ll get his chance in the general election.

Anyway, his deal of trying to be the adult in the room is clearly starting to wear thin, and it’s showing even on the granite countertop that is the Romney face. When all there is in the room with you is out-of-control screaming, biting children, eventually you begin to look like that teacher who needs to retire at the end of this year. That may be how this works out for him.