The GOP response to Obamacare is the same as their response to Voting Rights. Make it as hard as possible.

Picture yourself lying bloody on the pavement and when the ambulance rolls up seven hours after the accident, a surly elephant gets out to yell at you.

Where is your ID?

I don’t know, my clothes burned off in the accident.

You realize of course that my shift ends in ten minutes, so you better be able to get yourself into the ambulance in that amount of time.

I’m not sure I can, I think all my bones are broken.

I think this is a fraudulent accident.

Can’t we let the hospital determine that?

No, you are in the wrong district.

The GOP now believes that the Obama presidency is so illegitimate that sabotage is the only proper response to everything. They have been determined to bring him down from the beginning, and if the voters don’t agree, then they’ll work to get rid of some voters (see N. Carolina, as of just last week, and thank you, GOP Supreme Court). IF Obama passes laws by the usual legal process, that is somehow ‘cramming it down our throats’, and the laws must be subverted any way they can be, to prevent them from working. They can’t accept that Obama won, and even if they could, check the look on their faces when you say ‘Hillary in 2016.’ This war is permanent for them. Wear a helmet.