Just when you least expected one. The great question regarding human proliferation and alteration of the planet is whether our rapaciousness will be caught and checked by our thoughtfulness. The debate rages, under the spooky gaze of the pursed-lipped statues on a deforested and depopulated Easter Island.

It’s hard to think of a clearer example of the debate than overfishing. This is not a hard one to understand. If you fish a certain amount, you get lots of fish to eat, forever. If you fish too much, you get more fish for a little while, then you exterminate the fish and have: nothing. So why is this even debated? Well there’s that rapaciousness thing.

But sometimes, thoughtfulness wins. Not only did thoughtfulness win, but it won in A BIPARTISAN WAY! This offers hope, for a sane US politics, a sane environmental policy, a sane understanding that sometimes a government is required to protect the commons, and hope that we can turn the corner to act this way to protect the rest of the planet, now that the crazy fantasy that we are all going to escape to a NEW planet has mercifully subsided. To be continued.