So here I am laboring all day to draw a whole cartoon, and then STILL find a little time to write some words for you to enjoy and ponder. These posts used to be displayed right under my cartoon but now the new redesign has them here in this special separate place that you have to get down on all fours and crawl through a little door to get too.

So here you are now in a confined space with just me and the commenters. You may feel a need to look from side to side a bit to determine the safety of your present circumstances, and don’t look to me for any blanket assurances on that score. The commenters have calmed down somewhat likely due to that little door and the more regimented format for commenting, on the other hand this little room doesn’t give you a lot of space to maneuver and few marked exits.

Anyway, I apologize for the dirt stains on you hands and knees, and the little bump on your head. But maybe if you think of this as a limited-membership secret club, you will better enjoy the experience. You can stay awhile and write or read comments, but I personally need to get out of here right now and won’t be back until tomorrow.