It’s not just Rick Perry who seems to have trouble paying attention and staying awake. God too. God spent some time recently telling Perry’s wife Anita that He wanted Rick to run for president. She passed the word along to Rick: “Let me tell you something: You might not see the burning bush, but other people are seeing it for you.” Let’s work backwards from this a bit.

It goes without saying, although people still say it all the time, that God likes and cares about Americans in a way He doesn’t care about others in the world. No doubt this is true, but hey, nobody’s perfect, even the perfect! Look at it from God’s point of view. Anita Perry does! The economy fell badly out of kilter, on God’s watch, and accidentally affected America too! Whoops!

Then there was that mix-up about Obama getting elected! Four years on the road to Socialism! Working in VERY mysterious ways here. Ah well, what’s four years out of eternity? Whatever, we’ll get this econony mess straightened out, eventually. Focus! But like the Fed, the heavenly repair kit has limited tools. There’s Rick Perry, of course, but HOW to get in touch with him! Does anybody have his email address? I know, instead of just fixing the economy with the BIG invisible hand, or contacting Rick directly, we’ll send a message to his wife, and maybe she can talk him into running for president and if he gets elected he can cut the taxes and the economy will strengthen in five years or so. What do you expect, miracles?