The only dumbness we have to fear is dumbness itself. And the dumbest thing that’s been said recently. and frequently. is that now that Paul Ryan is on the GOP ticket we will have a “serious debate” about budget policy. This “debate” will be every bit as serious as a helium balloon. Everybody inhaled.

We have had ample opportunity, in fact nothing BUT opportunity to have a serious debate about budget policy, for years. We don’t want to have that discussion. We don’t want to be serious. It’s not all that complicated. You either balance the budget by cutting spending, raising taxes, or both. We can’t have a combination of both because the GOP has decided that tax increases are not acceptable now, for anybody. When will they acceptable? Next Thursday? No, Thursday’s out. How about never? Does never work for you? No, that’s too soon.

Conclusive evidence that we won’t have a serious debate is Mr. Serious himself, Paul Ryan. His “serious” plan is a joke. A party joke. The Republican party. The numbers don’t add up to a balanced budget, unless you count the unicorn numbers that aren’t there and can only live in a meadow of fantasy. Reporters and media analysts persist in referring to this nonsensical number gibberish as “serious,” guaranteeing we won’t have a serious debate about anything. We WILL be making a consequential decision, but it will be made on ideology and wishful thinking. Again.