Did you watch the shell with the pea under it? Those hands move pretty fast! But let’s slow the replay down for you so you can watch!

The DEFICIT was the big issue! The defining, over-riding crucial issue of our time! Or at least one election cycle! But oh-oh, that shell just scooted sideways, then around behind and now it’s over there, or is it there? The deficit gets solved by both spending cuts and tax increases. But since TAXES ON THE RICH are the real issue for the GOP, not DEFICITS like they said, the shells gotta move. How about 10-to-one spending cuts to tax increases, if that will get a deficit deal? No no no, won’t do! FREEZE FRAME: Right there. That was the tell. The pea drops off the table edge. But on and on the shells slide and slide. Those fingernails... so smooth and shiny! How mesmerizing! The white starched cuffs. Dreamy!

So eventually we’re not really talking about the deficit anymore, now it’s the beleaguered rich, and too many regulations, and too much “uncertainty” which is ALSO the one huge big problem plaguing businesses, except when the GOP creates it with endless government shutdown threats. How many shells can we fit on the table? And those taxes on the rich that we’ve been cutting and cutting so JOBS will get created? Where are those jobs again after DECADES of shoveling money to the rich? They must be under one of these shells here somewhere!


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