Hello, commenters. Seems as though a certain ecosystem is developing in the comments section here. I have misgivings, sure, because I have this peculiar aversion to getting sprayed in the face by spittle from lunatic climate-change deniers. But things seem to have calmed down enough that I can peek in the clubhouse window and say hi.

While there are clearly visitors who do not think before they write, or after, or ever, I think a good percentage of the comments are by people who know their inclinations, but are interested to test those and see what others have to say. Just like me! This is the real value of free speech in a democracy. Not merely to get to say what you already think, but to listen to others, sometimes in a gale of saliva and all. I brought a towel.

And, deniers: The climate evidence isn't perfect, but the overwhelming preponderance is on my side, and it PREDICTED your increasingly erratic behavior.