This just in. Here’s the simple, laws-of-physics fact that would have caused us to take care of planet earth, THAT EVERYONE HAS BEEN PRETENDING WASN’T SO. Yes it’s a sad fact, but all those earth-like garden planets in the universe that we were going to evacuate to after we finished trashing our home planet, ARE TOO FAR AWAY!

“Of course, we know this, on some level.” No no no, we DON’T know this, on ANY level, because several generations of popularizers and wishful thinkers have joined up with a powerful desire to extend the American pioneer mythology to the next logical level, which turned out not to be logical in any way. Help, Mr. Spock!

Of course there was the attendant pointless encouragement of schoolkids to “dream of becoming an astronaut,” when if ever there was a dead-end line of government-funded make-work, that was it. 700 CENTURIES to the nearest star, not counting the 30-year head-start Voyager already has. Look, if you want to spend your money on outer space rides, be my guest. But all that’s out there is wall-less to wall-less death. Can we take care of the one place where there’s life, please?