High-pitched, intermittent sound is pretty much the definition of irritation. It is also the definition of birdsong. Yet what sounds sweeter than that?

There are many great things about Springtime, including the days of moderate temperatures which we seem destined not to have this year. We went from shiver to swelter in the space of a weekend, or less. If you wanted to color this in dark hues, the sluggishness of winter fatigue got replaced by the sluggishness of heat-induced torpor, without so much as a week to moisten our pan pipes for a meadow frolic. But I do not wish to color darkly today. Today I want to rhapsodize about the little birdies. They are filling the air nearly around the clock with their chirpy chatter. Since they evolved from dinosaurs, I’ll pause for a moment to let you imagine the sounds of Springtime Amongst the Dinosaurs.

Don’t make the mistake of rushing your attention span the way the weather rushed the season this year. Even if you are too dignified to stoop and smell the flowers, listen to the birds. THEY won’t be skipping Spring. Why does their screechy chip-chippery sound so beautiful? Because it’s the excitement of love, which sounds good in any frequency.