“State of the Union” is a misnomer, the same one as “Union of the States.” Will we succeed? Or secede? The difficulty of the current political battle is that both sides want the other side to capitulate. Solution? Or dissolution???

The GOP has it in its head that the Federal Government is a dirty thing that needs to take a shower that is hot enough to shrink it so it can be drowned in the tub and sent away down the drain. The Democrats want the GOP to help make government work, which under the GOP definition, IS capitulation. So we have a standoff. The Democrats current long-term strategy results from studying demographic trends and concluding that time is going to cause their opponents to die off and then they will get to do what they want in Washington. The unofficial name for this strategy is “Death and Taxes,” and history would suggest that it may be a winning formula.

As to the GOP’s long-term strategy? They’re working on that now, in a hurry, as it happens, because thier biological clock is ticking, as is the electoral calendar. No, calendars technically do not tick, but neither do clocks anymore, so there. Anyway they have a choice. They can either change their agenda or threaten secession again. They will be careful about the latter though, because they correctly suspect that the rest of the country might gladly accept the offer this time.