As everyone knows, journalism, like everything else is under pressure from changing economics. Yet we persist. I get to work early because the ever-elusive Cartoon Ideas seem slightly less elusive the early-morning hours. There are two types of people. Morning People and Night People. Actually I think the categories are Night People and Me. I’m not sure I’ve ever met another real morning person. Maybe there are others but they sure are scarce.

But I digress. I enter the building early through a secondary entrance and wend my way upwards through back stairs (no elevators for THIS chipper early-bird!). Sometimes I find myself on the floor beneath mine for an exciting change of route, and I noticed lately that they have been building yet another meeting room down there. There are already lots of meeting rooms in the building, and they are often filled with slightly bewildered-looking people engaged in team-oriented problem solving, I guess. We have meetings on the editorial corridor too, though I am not allowed to say what happens in them. Sometimes we have erudite visitors to tell us about The Way Things Really Are out there in the Unreal World of Washington. These are actually sometimes very interesting.

But still they are MEETINGS. Meetings are a little like School, which was never a friend of mine. I am a born fidgeter, and about 30 minutes in a chair is about maximum for me. Yes ADD or ADHD or Addlle-Dee-Dee or what have you. I get bored and restless. Sometimes I will be listening intently to the Interesting Visitor when all of a sudden he starts separating into TWO identical visitors. I strain my eyes to no avail trying to put the person back into one person, and thinking about them enjoying watching my eyes literally crossing as they speak about their Important Message. This is the prelude to falling asleep with my eyes open, notable to all by the sudden drop and snap-back of my head. I think I’ll go take a power nap in the new meeting room before it opens for business.