It didn’t take long for the tragic deaths in Libya to become yet another source of inflamed politics in the US. About one second. The comments thread on the Post website about the news and Romney’s reaction to it was going off like a string of furious firecrackers. I guess that’s what happens when politics take on a religious fervor.

It’s amazing how quickly boiling feelings can rise to the surface, and how they can become attached to any event or persuasion at hand. Astonishing. Romney threw a failing-campaign “Hail Mary” pass at some weird variant of his “apology tour” theme and everybody dove into the scrum. Many great thinkers and profound writers and speakers have said many wise things, but sometimes I’m inclined to think that the best idea ever uttered was the naively simplistic Rodney King’s “Can’t we all just get along?” Seems like this should be particularly true where religion is involved, and the global tension of religion underlies this event. But getting along is not what we’re getting.

Would it be fair to say that that different religions don’t seem to like each other very much? I’ll say it. Religions don’t seem to like each other very much. And you have the ingredients for a fertilizer bomb when you mix religion and politics. That’s the one thing people who pervert religion into hatred understand. And the one thing they want to exploit. Yes, we need to take security steps to protect ourselves, and wow, have we. But what fanatics want above all is for the other side to TAKE THE BAIT. Let’s don’t.