A new study shows that liberals and conservatives have different BRAIN STRUCTURE. Well then, wouldn’t this discovery be catnip to a cartoonist blogger? Yes it would. Allow me to paraphrase the study’s findings for you.

Liberals have a larger anterior cingulate cortex. Much larger. Up to fourteen pounds larger. This is the area of the brain devoted to higher thought and analytical skills and moral reasoning and all-around attractiveness and lovability, with a certain sacrifice in athletic aptitude and eyeglasses-repair skills. The massively oversized cranium contributes to both of the drawbacks.

Conservatives have larger “amygdala” a brittle and encrusted part of the brain stem that translates roughly as “cave man.” This part was thought to be entirely vestigial, last being studied as the part of a Stegasaurus’s brain that controlled the spikey tail-club. It’s only current known use is it’s hair-trigger ability to detect neighborhood children on one’s grass. Apparently it is now seen as capable of misapprehending actual budget numbers and climate science as neighborhood children.