As the dust settles, we’re discovering that there’s a lot of dust. And chemical analysis reveals it to be powdered elephant. Who knows ahead of time how things will seem after an election? Nobody. But now it’s AFTER the election and it’s prettry clear. The GOP formula is shot. Count the numbers any way you choose, it was a WAY bigger rout than anybody foresaw. The core imploded. it’s over.

Now this is a good thing for the nation. The Republicans took the tempting but fatal turn into Epistemic Closure, not realizing those words mean No Outlet, which in turn mean Dead End. They stopped playing a constructive role, and the nation needs two parties playing a constructive role. So now, at last, one might hope that the GOP will begin to re-engage with the political process as an honest participant in solving actual problems in actual ways. One would hope that, if one were not a purely partisan Democrat, that is.

But if I were as partisan a Democrat as some think me to be, I’d be hoping that the GOP stays with the current program. Because that’s all upside for Democrats from here. The danger was always that the junkstorm of stupid would persuade the remnant middle of the political spectrum, and thereby sink the Republic. Didn’t happen. The middle finally wised up. The verdict on the GOP in its current straitjacket of non-empiricism is final. They no longer are a threat, and nobody is listening to them anymore. But as long as they keep repeating their nonsense to themselves, they will only continue to weaken their relevance, and thereby their ability to achieve ANY of their objectives. So the strategy for Democrats: Cheer Limbaugh!