Republicans, take two aspirin and let us know when you feel better. Soon, we hope.

Americans, it’s Obama 2.0. We will get a second inaugural address. I was at the first one. It was COLD, and so was the weather. Obama disappointed a few, including me, with the sobriety of his remarks. I wanted soaring rhetoric. In fact, I had an EXACT OPENING LINE that I wanted him to start with. I wanted him to say, “Today we are all Americans in a way we have never been before.” Boy, was he smart not to say that.

Yes we had crossed a threshold, and yes we ARE in fact all Americans in a way we had not been, but wow, has acceptance of that been slow in coming. I guess that’s just the way history works. Two steps forward, one step back, but not necessarily in that order. But now we have taken that second step forward, and we are so better as a nation for it. Forward, as I think one campaign put it.