You knew the idea of an unstructured internet of discovery wouldn’t last forever, and that eventually it would turn into something completely commercialized with costs and features and ads you didn’t want to have, look at, or deal with, and here we are already!

We are now in the transition stage of becoming thoroughly addicted by the still alluring sense of genuine empowerment slowly being replaced, molecule by molecule, fossilization-like, by glossy corporate services which will end up, you know this, draining your pockets along with your soul.

The surprising feature of all this, and every revolution has a surprise or two, its that we would surrender all our personal information, history, activities and whereabouts, forever, to complete strangers and sign away our rights to them voluntarily. Oh, and as a special bonus, we all labor away day after day creating the content for no compensation other than little pictures of a thumbs-up, and meaningless numbers of ‘friends’ ‘subscribers’ or whatever, while all the ACTUAL rewards (giant piles of money) go to a tiny handful of people, contemporary-economy style. The question has been, will the internet make us smarter? We may need to google that one.