The desire to say something clarifying about the Boston bombing is high, and due to fail.

The entire subject of terror is plagued by the fact that it doesn’t fit into pre-existing categories. Is it war? Well, yes, and no. Can you ‘defeat’ it? Well sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Is it the struggle that defines our age? Yes, and no. Will it go on forever? Maybe. Is it evil? Yes, if you can define evil for me, which you probably can’t. Is it tragic? Wholly, completely, heartbreakingly yes, but nobody needs to point that out. Everyone can see that and feel it acutely without assistance.

But not only will the understandable attempts to clarify continue, but they will have to share bandwidth with the desire by many to leverage the event for debate purposes before sufficient information is known. Some problems are simply difficult, and some tend to remain that way.