Professional tough guy Vice President Dick Cheney made a name for himself telling everybody in the world how to behave and, if they didn’t, “nice family you got there.”

Mr. Cheney has a nice family too, including as happens in most families if you extend out a ways, a gay daughter. And oh, she just got married to her long term partner. The unlovably irascible Cheney has been quietly, but publically supportive of his daughter and her right to marry if she happens to find a state that would allow her to, and this can be filed under the category of the well-connected having access to liberal benefits (see also reproductive rights) that they are happy to see made difficult for others. Enter the Republican party, that Mr. Cheney helped to build. And enter the Democratic party, who got his daughter that “opportunity” to marry.

Mr. Cheney relaxed his trademark sneer at the exasperating cluelessness of the world of people who are not as smart as Dick Cheney long enough to express his happiness. “Mary and Heather have been in a committed relationship for many years, and we are delighted that they were able to take advantage of the opportunity to have that relationship recognized,” he and his wife said in a statement. The opportunity, no less! So let’s review. Which political party has been fighting tooth and nail and aspersion and condemnation and ridicule and contempt and insult and obstruction to deny and roll back that very opportunity? It is heartening to imagine how the loquacious and influential Cheney family will soon be leading the charge to change the GOP’s position on this, and failing that, to bomb them into submission.