I’m nominating that for Romney for President Official Campaign Slogan. Tell me if it doesn’t capture the feel of it. Romney just trounced Obama last month in fund-raising as the giant money cannon gets aimed at the Federal Government. A cheer of “We did it!” went up at GOP Campaign Headquarters behind Capital Hill, also known as the Supreme Court of the United States.

The giant money cannon is aimed at the government from Wall St, which seems appropriate. The other giant money cannon is in Washington and aimed at Wall St. This is our new Trade Policy, but as might be expected, we are running a Trade Deficit.

The American people, God bless them, and of whom I am one, are just trying to get it right. They are trying to balance trade and justice and economic health. They are working with the information that they have, but there is one little fact they just don’t have. It’s been reported (a bit) but certain people are counting on other people to not be good at math. The math is that THE RICH OWN A SKYROCKETING PERCENTAGE OF WEALTH IN THE US. The graph looks like a skateboard ramp to the moon. This is not about being “envious,” it’s a matter of being “sane.” At a certain point maldistribution of wealth starts doing real damage. When? Where? Where have you been? The prescription? Austerity for you, Money Cannon for them. And any wild suggestion that the jackpot winners should go back to tax rates they used to pay? This strikes at the heart of the hyper-rich’s self identity as The New Entitled. They are now Striking Back.