In an old Woody Allen movie (Has my desperation for analogies come to this? Yes.) Woody hands a note to the bank teller demanding money. He has written “I have a gun.” The teller insists the note says “I have a gub.”

In its heroic insistence on the vital need to get the deficit under control, the Republicans have a gub. Want to see it? Here it is, the SMOKING GUB! Republicans SAY they want the deficit to go away, but they DON’T WANT TO ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING to make it go away. Big surprise. The Supreme Court is expected to rule this week that the Second Amendment protects the GOP Right to Bear Gubs.

The deficit issue is only of interest to Republicans when Democrats are president, and only then as a way to hamstring them and create confusion. When the Democrat falls for it, and they usually do (Clinton got rid of the deficit altogether) they will disapprove of the way he does it. They don’t suggest a better way because THEY DON’T KNOW OR CARE. They will mumble “waste, fraud and abuse,” but the only operative word of that phase is “fraud,” which is what this political tactic actually is. Check again the SMOKING GUB. Oh, by the way, the name of the movie is Take the Money and Run. They get that part.

Here’s the scene, if you care to watch it. Note the bankers don’t go to jail.