I’m going to come at income inequality from a slightly different angle today. For the purposes of this one blog post, I am not going to fight the charge of class envy. I shall embrace it. I don’t really think it’s what concerns me most about the issue, but people are good at misreading their own motivations, so I’ll ask the question, so what if it IS envy?

I think the chasm in America that has very recently opened between the very very rich and everybody else is bad for a lot of reasons, social, economic and political. But here’s an-envy-type motivational question I read on Sunday in a story about how executive pay is, you guessed it, still skyrocketing. “Why should I kill myself to get a 2 percent raise if the C.E.O. is going to get a 20 percent raise?” Why indeed? The answer is pretty straightforward: because they now have us over a barrel. Workers will be squeezed. And then they will be squeezed harder, and then harder again. And the bosses just keep getting rewarded and rewarded and rewarded for it. What even IS a NINE-figure annual “pay package”?

Now I ask you, in my towel-wrapped steam-bath of envy I am indulging myself with today. Me aside, how long do you think people are going to continue to take this before something bad happens?