Now that’s we’ve finished running a campaign about everything except reality, let us return to reality for the few days before the 2016 campaign begins, if it isn’t too late already. Let me phone a robot car to come give us a tour. Ah, here’s our car now. Get in! Yes, we are talking about robots, again, because they’re coming, and you would feel their warm oil-scented breath on the back of your neck right now, if they breathed.

Back to the election for a moment, it’s true enough that Obama didn’t ‘have a plan’ for fixing the entire changing job market. Neither did Romney. Hard to ‘solve’ the competition of low wage foreign workers. But even before we try, it’s being overtaken by something else. Something that might help! Or be even worse! Look out the window to your right: Smiling, tireless, smart and well behaved robots waving at you. Same over there to your left. Robot Car, please keep driving, and stop flirting with the cute ones.

Neither do I ‘have a plan’ for dealing with this. But I do have three thoughts about it. 1)This is only the beginning. You thought we were being overrun with immigrants? Just wait and see what being overrun means. The Coming of the Robots will be like the Space Invaders game, if you remeber that, only you won’t get a sliding blaster to fight them off. 2) It may not turn out to be a problem at all. I doubt it’s even possible to know how they will transform the economy. But transform it they will, massively, and soon. 3) My opening bid on this is, ready commenters? SOCIALISM! Let the robots do the work, and redistribute the profits! We can all move to cities and sip wine at cafe tables and take the automated Metro to and fro. The robots can fix the escalators, or carry us up one at a time in their strong, capable arms.