Now we are at the stage where to compensate for falling asleep while driving, we hit the rumble wake-up strip and start veering wildly back and forth across all the lanes, including on-coming.

We now are toying with the idea of fixing the atmospheric imbalance we’ve created with added CO2, not by limiting or subtracting CO2, but by adding ANOTHER gas, SO2, into the brew! What could go wrong?

Yes, our good friend sulfur dioxide. One of the approximately 200,000 gambits climate change deniers have used to ‘cloud’ the issue is to say that carbon dioxide isn’t toxic, it’s just a nice gas that our pals the plants like. Of course this is 100% beside the point of its atmospheric properties, but deniers will have to use a different agument when discussing SO2. And you can be sure they will like the idea of spraying the air with some new thing, despite the logical issue of backing a solution for a problem they deny exists. Because deniers go back and forth between saying there is no warming and saying we can fix the warming (see also dumping iron filings in the ocean) with technology. In this case technology is a poison gas, but whatever!

COULD sulfur dioxide counteract warming? Maybe! I’m all for study! But once again the question ‘What could go wrong?’ will be ignored in our quest to stick with the preordained answer that is craved: that we can burn as much fossil fuel as we want and Not Think about the consequences. Not Thinking is the lifestyle we want so desperately to preserve.