Feeling the need for a pinch of Grinch in your cranial egg-noggin? Well I guess you need look no further than who else, Paul Ryan, who had his 15 minutes as a moderate last week before returning to form.

No sooner had he brushed the dirt from his overalls upon completion of a ‘compromise’ budget that achieved austerity now when we don’t need it in exchange for no long term solutions to anything when we will, but he’s heading back to his lair to write up a new juicy list of demands for the ransom note for next time the debt ceiling comes to call.

You have to hand it to a party which everyone says is in an inwardly-turning death spiral of infighting and demographic dead-endery. They sure do get a lot of what they’re after. Yes this fine-old separation-of-powers government of ours did manage to hand an awful lot of power to a dwindling and destructive minority. And what power it didn’t happen to hand them, they’ve been very inventive in concocting. Search in vain for the line in the Constitution about holding the economy hostage while a grimacing minority reclines and issues its list of unreciprocated demands. It’s right there in the section about the Senate being the cooling saucer destined to grow in size over time to where it now hovers full time over the Capitol vacuuming up legislators for routine probes and firing powerful paralyzing rays at anything that moves.

T’was the season that The Night Before Christmas became The Day the Earth Stood Still.