Sometimes the bumper sticker is the last refuge of the scoundrel. And often this semi-anonymous bit of pre-Twitter brevity is the honesty missing from the debate as it occurs in polite company. And so a candid reader recently emailed me his: I (heart) global warming!

So there you go. He doesn’t deny global warming. He doesn’t peddle the new “climate changes all the time but humans couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it” party line, which is where the deniers have made their last stand against actual reality. No, he fully admits what I have assumed all along the deniers have calculated: that climate change won’t hurt THEM, so who cares? He goes on to brag that his current residential locale will soon have the delightful weather of southern California.

Why have I assumed this crass motivation all along? Because deniers’ ever-shifting arguments, coupled with their concrete-like certainty in the face of a growing body of scientific evidence never made any sense, and when that happens you can be sure there is a different rationale at work. Same thing happened with evolution. And with the same desperate clinging to and trumpeting of scraps of counter-evidence that don’t even begin to refute the overwhelming preponderance of evidence. So at least this guy is turning his cards face up, and with a sneering grin at that. Just before the storm blows away his cards, his house and his community. If you want the image of a fool, there you have it.