I’ve been saying for quite awhile now that the Reagan Era ended with the crash that began in December 2007, but have been coy as a fairy tale damsel in saying what comes next. It’s a game everybody can play! The GOP says it’s gotta be Reagan, One More Time! My first guess was a new progressive era! That was right, until it was wrong, but maybe now it’s right again.

The Occupy Wall Street protests seem to be about something. But what? The same thing that the European protests are about? Or completely different? How about the Arab Spring protests? Can we tie it all together??? Calling Tom Friedman! And, surprise, there he was yesterday trying to tie it all together! I’d link to it, but he gets more traffic than he deserves as it is. You know how to find it if you want to.

HE is being a little coy too! He thinks it must be about globalization somehow, but he can’t decide if it’s still The Big Opportunity, like he used to, only more painful, or the exact opposite, the Greatest Biggest Lie Ever that pulled one over on everybody except the hyper-rich. He will watch this one like a cat until he decides which way to go with his next book and comes up with a cute name for it all. Meanwhile people are marching on, as is time. I say watch out, the Teen Years are coming!