I don’t want to keep harping on the income inequality issue, except yes I do. I want to harp on it a whole lot.

You can say you think it’s fine that the tiniest sliver of the rich should have special rules that allow them to get vastly richer and then vastly richer some more in a way not available to the rest of Americans and then use a portion of that wealth to buy government officials’ complicity in crafting the rules to give them even more special favors and this is your kind of ethical universe, but it’s not mine. Americans are allowed to distribute their tax rules the way they want to and I want to do it differently.

Here’s yet another charming morsel, about those dashing Romney kids. Aren’t they just swell? They argue amongst themselves who will get to be president first! Give them a round of applause and a special rich-daddy tax loophole! This is the kind of extra special world for extra special people Mitt is running to preserve. Why, I bet he gets four votes from the boys right off the bat!