The tactics keep changing as the battlefield opportunities shift, but the game remains the same. President Obama is Destroying America and Must Be Stopped. Eventually this endeavor will come to an end, as the 22nd Amendment sends Obama out to see what his legacy as an ex-president will be. But MEANWHILE!

Meanwhile he must be stopped. The last email I got on the subject was that his arrogance was destroying the country. Arrogance. Must be stopped. Got it.

Stopped, of course, means stopping the government, because, inconveniently, he is President of the United States, duly elected and acting legally to discharge his duties as chief executive. But arrogance. So stopping. This means blockading everything he tries to do. You can ask yourself whether the arrayed ships of the Obamacare blockade will or won’t yield you benefits when you get sick, but here’s an interesting bit of data about the semi-successful efforts to blockade economic stimulus. It hurt the economy. And you. And maybe permanently.

But let’s not let data spoil the narrative. Arrogance, you know.