As information expands, attention span shrinks. I googled this sentence and didn’t see much that resembled it, so I decided it was original and named it after myself. Branding! Today’s journalism is all about branding, now that nobody reads news stories anymore. Too many words! Give me a blog post. A short one. Here’s mine!

But blog posts are SO 2010. 08? 04? Anyway they’re old-fashioned now and TOO LONG! Can’t you tweet that? One sentence is plenty. Why are you still reading? It was all there in the first sentence. And the branding part was all there in the two-word title. The FIRST word. I had the foresight to have a short, one-syllable last name. I have a trademark application in on the letter “T”.

Yes, while the internet bulges with zettabytes of information, attention deficit disturbances are the new normal. Pretty soon there will hardly be any words at all, and we’ll just look at pictures. I know, maybe I’ll become a cartoonist!