That was the reaction of residents to the recent catastrophic storms in the South. Let’s start right out by presuming climate change had NOTHING to do with these storms. Okay?

You can’t attribute specific storms to climate, and you know what else? As the climate continues to shift due to increased levels of CO2, you will NEVER be able to attribute specific storms to it. And so your conclusion is...what? Here’s MY conclusion: a warmer climate does not mean just basking in a lounge chair with a cool drink. Climate change can and will kill people. It may or may not already have done so. But look at storms like this last on and ask yourself, do you WANT to create a more unstable climate? Do we want to destroy what has been a remarkably human-friendly period of climate history? That is what we are doing RIGHT NOW. And for what? For the convenience of being able to waste cheap fuel.

But it’s not really even about storms, bad as those can be. Think massive shifts in rainfall patterns where we are trying to grow food, just for starters. YOUR food. But you don’t want to believe that such a thing could be real. Not possible! “Total disbelief.”