Reporters like to think of themselves... let me correct that... reporters like OTHERS to think that they are working tirelessly through the night to dig out the hidden facts that the American people need to know to govern themselves through the instruments and institutions of their democracy. And some of them actually do.

On the other hand, many of them actually don't. For those of you who crave some confirmation of your darker fears and thoughts about American journalism, particularly the Washington variant, please read Dana Milbank’s recent column. And look forward to Mark Leibovich's book. Sad to say, this doesn't fit neatly into either the narrative of the Liberal Media or the Right-Wing Noise Machine. It fits into the tired old categories of Mutual Backscratching and Careerism. The Two Fevers here in the fever swamp. The swamp itself is largely special interest money and power politics.

This could be a great book. Reporters never tire of embarrassing others, often with excellent reason, but it will be interesting to listen to them trying to explain away revelations that ought to be professionally embarrassing to them. They won't actually BE embarrassed. People in D.C. don't get embarrassed.