Not that I was there or anything, but here’s the truly odd thing that people forget about the 1960’s.

People have mostly stopped talking and thinking about the 1960’s altogether, which is a blessing, but there is one strange aspect about that era that has never quite been explained. And in all the cascade of subsequent Gen Xery and Millennialia and Generation ZZZ if we’re there yet, it hasn’t been repeated.

That was the absolute and unbridgeable cultural chasm between parents and their very own kids. It was as though all of a sudden kids turned out to speak a different language, or be a different religion than their parents. And then both sides decided to hate the other for it. This Grand Canyon isn’t remembered much, because it’s hard to remember, but I wanted to mention it before the sands of time eradicate it altogether. It was pretty remarkable.

The standard explanation is that it was Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll. Radical. Or was it so very different than the parents’ Wine, Women and Song?