Small-car sales are picking up in response to higher gas prices! There's a surprise. But people don't WANT small cars, we were told, until they do. Depends on what you really want.

But people only want small cars when gas is expensive! And it wasn't expensive before! Of course, we could have raised gasoline taxes and reduced the deficit. Reducing the deficit is the thing that everybody says they want more than anything else in the whole wide world. Except cars that waste gasoline. They want cars that waste gasoline just a little bit more than reducing the deficit that they say will bankrupt the nation into Third World status and ruin the lives of their very children and grandchildren. That's a worthy concern, too, to be sure, except when compared to a car that wastes gasoline.

Oh, and not wasting gas would also help curb climate destruction. Whoa, there, pal! Not so fast! You going to put THAT up against a car that wastes gasoline?? Where are your VALUES, dude?