Well that was fun. A certain percentage of Americans were never exactly excited, shall we say, about an America that shared its bounty, and have been trying to repeal the effort to do the sharing ever since it was undertaken. This just in:. Bounty unshared!

We now have the top one percent of the wealthy owning a share of the national wealth not seen since the 1920’s. But the news doesn’t stop there! Now the wealth gap between whites and minorities is again a chasm. “I am afraid that this pushes us back to what the Kerner Commission characterized as `two societies, separate and unequal.”

It’s hard for me to quite grasp the state of mind that can look at this situation as either desirable or acceptable or justifiable or sustainable. And yet the drive to ensure that the balance of costs and benefits of federal policy continues to shift in favor of the wealthy and against the poor is now nearly nuclear in its intensity. For students of history (not that we have so very many of those in this country) who wonder how a society can keep repeating the mistakes of its past, you now have a front row seat. But in this 3-D movie, the stuff from the inevitable explosion actually WILL come out and hit you in the face.