Re-learned actually. New learning is hard to come by.

-Rose thorns are really sharp, which tells us that beauty comes with a price, a danger, except for all the non-rose flowers that DON’T have thorns, which are just beauty without a danger.

-Analogies, at least rose analogies, are imperfect and therefore misleading.

-But returning to roses and their attendant analogies, rose thorns point downwards and only tear at your flesh when you pull away from them. This tells us that some situations are easier to to get into than out of. I’m not sure I see the advantage to rose bushes here, unless you fail to get away altogether and die and turn into compost under the bush.

-Debt is one of those things that is easier to get into than out of, as we are learning. What we never seem to learn, though, is Republicans get the country INTO debt, and it is left to Democrats to get us out, while the Republicans get to pose and posture about it when Democrats are in the White House.

-But for all the thorns and their cunning orientation, the beauty of the rose is still something to behold, or would be if the Japanese beetles didn’t eat all the blossoms, as the Chinese are eating our economic lunch, or something.