Did you miss me? I hope so! I missed you, insofar as possible, as you are something of an abstraction to me in that there are more than one of you. But I have returned to save the world, a cartoon and a blog post at a time. So I haven’t learned a lot.

I was off basking in beautiful Sanityville, where I could kick back and relax and do not much of anything at all. Who am I kidding? What I learned, again, is that even when I’m out from under the driving lash of daily deadlines, I have a great deal of trouble sitting still. There is joy, however in selecting the day’s particular variety of obsessive undertaking. I also learned, again, that in the most brutally gruesome and dirty chores can be found a high degree of satisfaction.

But now, back to world-saving. High on the list are avoiding the final coronation of American Plutocracy in the personage of one Willard Romney. Then see the end of the crazy fantasy of starting the health care fight all over again. Did you notice that (in addition to situational hypocrisy over deficits) the Republicans indulge in situational hypocrisy over “uncertainty”? I bet you’d almost forgotten that word. When Obama has tried to engage in any legislative activity whatsoever, the GOP howls about how “uncertainty” will wreck economic activity. Oh, yet now that we actually have a law on health care in place and everyone now knows what the playing field looks like going forward, the GOP wants to throw the whole thing out and end up....where? The mortal sin of “uncertainty” is suddenly a blessed sacrament. And finally we need to stop runaway climate change; comments space below for those still disinclined to see what’s now right in front of their eyes. Much to do!