Obama is good at foreign policy because he’s from a foreign country.

You can tell he is anti-colonialist because at the end of his first term how many colonies are left in the world?

Obama’s first word in the debate was not “terrorist,” which is all the evidence you need that he is afraid of them.

Obama wants to apologize to bin Laden for killing him.

Romney will use a bayonet to cut off Syria as Iran’s one route to the sea and fill in the Persian Gulf to cut off the other one.

It was IRAN that we meant to attack after 9/11, not Iraq. It was a simple typo, which could have happened to anyone

The US should take military action when an area of the world important to us is in chaos, such as Europe, for example.

I think “leading from behind” must be what your campaign donors do.

Mitt thinks we should take steps to punish China for tempting him to invest there so much.

Defense spending should be high enough to hurt our economy to show the world we mean it.

There should not be one inch of daylight, in policy terms, between the US and any of its allies, ever. Okay?

.Romney’s plan for Afghanistan is hidden somewhere in his tax returns.

American Exceptionalism means you can hold down someone whose hair needs to be cut off.

Romney’s clock is still stopped some decades back, but Obama has cleaned it for him.