Well, if there was one lesson we needed to learn after Iraq, it was think hard before you start a war, and we learned that lesson well until it was time to start another.

Then thinking suddenly became dithering. Spending time before launching million-dollar missiles in the vicinity of human beings in another Muslim country, putting together an international coalition in a world where such a thing is desirable but pretty difficult, and asking what happens after the bombings start, and stop, becomes recast in the newly minted derogatory terminology of “dithering.” “Dithering” is the “take” on who Obama really “is,” except when he’s “Stalin” forcing Americans en masse into collectivized “iron hat factories.”

Here’s the scene the word conveys, in case you didn’t get the picture: Obama flutters his hands, both of them, up and down, and he dashes about the room looking for his fainting couch, and nearly upsetting his chamomile tea. His voice goes up an octave as he begs his aides to tell him what to do. His lieutenants (all women) shake their heads and mutter that the man can’t even do a simple thing like putting a bullet into somebody without getting all thoughtful and everything. Oh, for the glory days of flight suits and braggadocio!


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