Let’s come at this from a new direction. Let’s issue a challenge! Let’s say that some of my commenters are sniveling cowards! How would that be? Today I’m feeling like that would be just fine. So here’s the challenge, oh brave defenders of the proposition that climate science is made up who never tire of asserting it in my comments section: SIGN YOUR NAME! That’s right, your actual name!

I sign mine! You know who I am, where I live, who I work for. You can consider all that when assessing what I claim to believe! What I believe is that the science on climate change is compelling and honest and we’d better heed it or there will be hell to pay. I ALSO believe that there is a lot of direct and indirect oil-money flowing into the campaign to discredit the science, and I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if some of the commenters here are paid mouthpieces. How are we to know? I invite the rest of my readers to assume from here on in that pseudonymous commenters denying climate change are cowards who are hiding something.

So let’s level the playing field. No name, paid mouthpiece. And if they do sign their names, you can measure their arguments against the LATEST data, that they will try to argue away or around. And we’ll all be on the record when we learn who was right and who was a fool.