I guess Chief Justice John Roberts was asking for this when he said a judge just calls balls and strikes. And now the GOP has jumped up on its seats to call foul. The Supreme Court is part of American politics, and American politics is now just another very expensive professional sport.

The solemn chin-pullers in the GOP who only recently were content to fabricate the persona of elder statespeople carefully examining case law for sober jurisprudence are now are throwing their hot dogs and beer and screaming because they didn’t like the call. How DARE the ump call out Mighty Casey, even if he DID swing and miss? Because, surprise, it IS all about the outcome, after all! Roberts, a bought man who against all predictions, didn’t stay bought, ruled against their newly discovered understanding that the Commence Clause clearly states that, well, bought Justices are a legally enforceable contract.

What to do? Choices are few. Choices, actually, are only one. Bring Mighty Dollar up to bat, Catcher Mitt himself, and buy him a home run so he can appoint even MORE umpires. Can they do that? YES, John Roberts himself has ruled, in a call the GOP cheered.